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Composite insulators for power line

Composite insulators for power lines are widely used to replace the porcelain insulators.

Composite insulators for power line

There have many advantages for composite insulators:

Have much better pollution resistant. Fouling lightning 2-3 times that of porcelain insulator, therefore, this product is especially suitable for the polluted area.

Does not need cleaning maintenance: Silicone rubber material peculiar hydrophobic move moves, so that when the dirt deposition of insulator have excellent hydrophobic and high pollution lightning pressure, especially suitable for operation maintenance difficult line.

Don't need to test the zero value. Equidistant from the internal and external insulation, belong to breakdown structure, not zero testing is not required.
Light weight
Good elasticity, not easily broken

Orient power composite insulators are have high quality, some of materials are imported, and our silicone rubber material have below Characteristics:

Heat and cold resistance: As a result of the silicone rubber keys to high, good chemical stability, so its thermal stability is better than organic polymer. Moreover, due to the intermolecular interaction force is weak, so low glass transition temperature, cold resistance. Therefore, in any region on earth, its properties will not change.

water resistance
Electrical insulation optimal
resistance to weather, weather resistance

Main types for composite insulators:
Pin insulator
Suspension insulator
Post insulator
Line post insulator
Railway insulator and so on.

All the composite insulators are produced as per IEC or ANSI standard, welcome to contact us for more details!


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