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Composite insulators structure

Composite insulators widely exist in our life, for electric power system, they are very important and necessary, now, let to learn the composite insulators structure.

composite insulators

Composite insulators consist of a polymeric housing over a fiberglass rod to which galvanized steel or aluminum end fittings are attached. By molding directly over the end fittings, or by using a track resistant poly urethane, moisture ingress to the fiberglass rod is pre vented. Housing materials in either ethylene vinyl acetate or silicone rubber are available according to customer preference.

1. Fiberglass solid core rod
It is responsible for bearing the mechanical loads, which can be tension, bending or compression, or a combination of all three, depending on the application and load scenario.

2. End fittings
They are typically made of metal, such as forged steel or aluminum. For line post insulators, a high degree of standardization has been achieved for the end fittings, which enables the easy replacement of existing conventional insulators by composite solutions.

The composite insulators are widely used on overhead lines, along with the pollution aggravate, it is becoming more and more important. You can to know more about our website.


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