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Composite line post insulator 11kv/12kv

Composite line post insulator 11kv/12kv meets the requirements of ANSI 29.17, IEC61109. The end seal of it adopted the high temperature sulfuration to ensure the reliable sealing performance of the metal fitting.

Orient Power polymer insulators are manufactured at high pressure and high temperature thanks to direct injection molding technology. The epoxy reinforced fibre glass used in the manufacturing of Composite line post insulator 11kv/12kv. End fitting: High Quality Steel Compressed with Fully Automated Crimping machine. Orient uses only high quality, high temperature vulcanized (HTV) silicone rubber to ensure the highest possible durability of the silicone rubber insulator sheds, as well as outstanding tracking and erosion resistance.

Composite line post insulator 11kv/12kv            Composite line post insulator 11kv/12kv

Composite line post insulator 11kv/12kv test standards:
Standard ASTM C 542 Test for flammability. Standard ASTM E 662 Test to determine the optical density of the smokes. Standard ASTM G 26 Ageing tests using ultraviolet rays UV. Standard CEI 20-37 Smoke toxicity and corrosion test. Standard DIN 57441 Accelerated ageing test in saline fog.

We experiment for composite line post insulator 11kv/12kv aging resistance. Our clients can buy these polymeric insulator products from us at a good quality with reasonable price. Supply quality composite line post insulator products with competitive price & excellent service.

Orient Power acts as the client’s representative in determining and assuring full compliance of the manufactured Composite line post insulator 11kv/12kv products with the highest standards.


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