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Composite polymer insulators performance

Composite polymer insulators performance includes leakage distance, cleaning, standards, mechanical ratings, marking, equivalency, mechanical and electrical properties, insulation coordination and packaging.

Composite polymer insulators performance

Composite polymer insulators performance definition
Leakage Distance —polymer insulators feature high leakage distance for optimum contamination performance.
Cleaning —The composite insulators listed in this catalog are suitable for washing by all known methods in current use. Washing tests have been conducted with high-pressure equipment at close nozzle-to-insulator distances. No water intrusion occurred after multiple washings.
Standards —Composite polymer line post insulators meet the latest ANSI C29.18 and CSA C411.6 standards. Orient Power is registered for successful implementation of a quality system in accordance with ISO 9001-2008.
Mechanical Ratings — Specified Cantilever Load (SCL) is the ultimate cantilever strength rating. Maximum Design Cantilever Load (MDCL) or Working Cantilever Load (WCL) is the maximum continuous cantilever load to which the post insulator should be applied, usually 50% of SCL.
Markings — Markings are 0.12 inch high raised letters in the rubber and include: Base catalog number, CSA C411.6 Class, SCL in pounds, MDCL/WCL in kN and date code. Orient Power or insulator manufacturer identification is cast into the end fittings.
Equivalency — Equivalency of line post insulators involves a check of the general characteristics.
Mechanical—Compare the SCL of the polymer insulator to the cantilever strength rating of the porcelain insulator.
Electrical—Compare porcelain to polymer insulators leakage distance; Compare porcelain to composite section length.
Insulation Coordination — The operating performance of a distribution or transmission line depends on its insulation level. It must not flash over under practically any operating condition. Several methods of coordination of line and station insulation have been proposed. Generally, the best method is to establish a definite common insulation level for all the station insulation and then match that level with the line insulation. With this approach, the Satisfactory performance is generally achieved with an insulator which has a dry 60 Hz flashover of three to five times the phase-to-ground voltage and a leakage distance approximately twice the shortest air-gap (strike) distance.
Packaging — these insulators standard packing is cartons on pallets. Larger orders for Orient line posts may be shipped in wood crates.

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