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Composite suspension insulators with crimped end fittings

Composite suspension insulators are used in overhead transmission lines with line voltages in the range 69kV to 735kV. The insulators consist of a unidirectional fiberglass reinforced polymer rod with two metal end fittings attached to the rod during assembly.

composite suspension insulator

composite suspension insulator

In order to prevent electrical degradation of FRP rod and the electrical leakage currents, the entire surface of FRP rod is protected by a layer of rubber alloy with multiple weathersheds The rubber also protects the rod against corrosive environments which can be present in service. The primary function of the end fittings is to provide a mechanical link and to transfer loads from the high voltage conductor to FRP rod (at the line end), and from the FRP rod to the tower (at the tower end).

In the previous designs the fittings were attached to the FRP rod either by an epoxy adhesive or by metal wedges inserted into the rods inside the fittings. However, due to a lower cost of assembly, most insulator manufacturers have adopted the crimped end-fitting design. In the crimped design, the end fittings are radially compressed onto to the ends of the rod. Thie results in a purely mechanical bond caused by residual compressive stressed at the interface between the FRP-rod and end-fitting.

In the world, more and more researchers do test about composite insulators to ensure the isolators quality.


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