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Composite suspension insulators

Orient composite suspension insulators are high-tech insulators for all weathers, and they are accepted for their dimensions, production method, standards and Use in industry-specific solutions.

The unique design of our composite suspension insulator and the variations possible on account of our patented modular system permit a combination of different installation lengths with different shed profiles and sizes. In addition, a large selection of fittings can be used.

Composite suspension insulators            polymer suspension insulators

Composite suspension insulators Dimensions:
Voltage level: 1 – 500 kV
(>800 kV in multiple component design)
Single-component up to 6 m (236”) installation length
Maximum rod diameter: 63 mm
Up to 1500 kN SML
Flexible leakage path
Up to 55 mm (2.16”) / kV
End fittings in accordance with IEC 60120, IEC 60471, ANSI C29

Composite suspension insulators Production method:
Modular system with slide-on assembly
HTV silicone rubber, generation III
ECR FRP rod, resistant to brittle fracture
Metastable silicone seal
Special shed profiles for all contamination categories
Patented under-rib design of the sheds

Composite suspension insulator Use in industry-specific solutions:
Suspension and span poles for high voltage and railway networks
Comprehensive insulator chains
Dead End configurations

Composite suspension insulators are manufactured in accordance with the standards: IEC 61109, ANSI C29.11 and ANSI C29.12. Due to these versatile possibilities our composite insulators can be produced in line with customer requirements for all possible applications in accordance with specifications.


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