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Custom braced post design

Custom braced post design is affected by electrical and mechanical requirements and assemblies requirements, also including some insulator performance, such as voltages and application.

Custom braced post design

Orient braced post is available for system voltages 69kV through 230kV. If the catalog not shows the braced post that is not as per requirements, the custom braced post designs are available. We can provide the sheet for recording customers’ requirements.

For Custom braced post design, we should list the specific requirements of the application along with clarification about which details are most critical and which have some flexibility within the design. More Information = better designs and faster response time.

Braced Post Assembly Details include
◆ Geometric/dimensional requirements of the assembly,
◆ Including assembly height
◆ Section length, and angles

The specific dimension and mechanical loading requirements are important for braced posts. Mechanical Loading Requirements should fit within the working load curve of the assembly.

Electrical Requirements: This section determines the minimal requirement of the assembly with respect to electrical performance.
• Corona ring requirement
• Minimum leakage distance (and / or description of contamination level for the application)
• Minimum strike distance / dry arc
• Minimum requirements for 2 of the 4 electrical values (ex. Dry FO & CIFO+)

Assembly Details:
• Line post base requirement
• Suspension end fitting requirements
• Hardware attachments
• Extension hardware
• Conductor information (armor rod)
• Conductor attachment hardware

Custom braced post design should think about the electrical and mechanical performance and assemblies properties and structures.


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