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Distribution systems parts

Distribution systems parts are composed of distribution substations, primary distribution lines, distribution transformers, distribution insulators, distribution fittings and secondary distribution lines.

Distribution systems parts      Distribution systems parts

An overhead distribution system is out in the open, where it can be affected by conditions such as bad weather, falling tree limbs, traffic accidents, and vandalism.

At distribution substations, transmission and subtransmission voltages are stepped down to distribution voltage. Primary lines move power to load area. Distribution transformers step down distribution voltage to user voltage, and secondary lines deliver user voltage to the customer.

A distribution system is typically made up of connected systems: the primary distribution systems and the secondary distribution systems.

Distribution transformers are the connecting link between a primary system and a secondary system. The distribution transformer takes the source voltage from the primary lines and steps it down to a secondary system voltage.

Secondary system voltage, which is sometimes referred to as utilization voltage, can also vary with system design. A primary distribution system is usually subdivided so that power can be effectively distributed to customers in a given area. Two common overhead primary distribution system layouts are the radial layout and the loop system layout.

Each Distribution systems parts have some distribution transformers, distribution fittings and distribution equipment and others to transport power to customers.


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