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Electrified railway composite insulator

Electrified railway composite insulator is used for railway applications. Its voltage ranges from 0.75kv to 3kv, and can be divided into suspension type or post type for AC or DC system.

Orient Electrified railway composite insulator:
Orient is a key partner in all insulation applications with more than 2 million insulators operating today on numerous Railway networks with different applications and voltages such as 15 kV and 25 kV on AC systems and from 0.75 kV to 3 kV on DC systems.

Electrified railway composite insulator            Electrified railway composite insulator

Since 1978, Orient has been a supplier of catenary insulators to many railway companies. As a proof of good performance and reliable partnership, Orient has been selected and qualified by CRCC as a supplier for the ministry of railway – the China High Speed railway - which imposes very stringent safety criteria and reliability requirements. Orient electrified railway composite insulator used for high speed lines and traditional lines.

Orient Electrified railway composite insulator:
Orient composite insulators consist of a fiberglass rod protected by EPDM or Silicone rubber and assembled with metal fittings.
Through a highly developed design and carefully selected materials, Orient insulators assure the safest usage which in turn reduces the cost of inspection and maintenance.
Orient studies and adapts its composite insulators and end fittings to the specifications of every railway company and project: Feeder insulators, Top and strut tube insulators

Orient Electrified railway composite insulator can be installed safely in tunnels since both the EPDM and Silicone materials used by Orient have self-extinguishing properties: when a flame is applied, they burn without producing any toxic fumes and extinguish as soon as the flame is removed.


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