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Electrotechnical requirements for insulators

Electrical insulation is important for insulators, need high eletrotechnical requirements for insulators manufacturing process or usage, including creepage distance and leakage distance.

Electrotechnical requirements for insulators

① Creep current path
The Creep current path designed is based on EN 50124-1. IEC 60815 must also be taken into account for areas without rain. The requirements for the minimum creep current path may be suitable pollution/ environmental conditions and normal voltage lines.
Normal environment without any particular pollution, a good distance for insulators are from the sea (10-20 km). Insulators are exposed to rain and can natural cleaning or self-cleaning
Good creep current path, insulators can be used in areas with high levels of pollution (pollutive industries, built-up areas or areas close to the sea/exposed to wind from the sea (salt water))

② Insulation coordination
In order to avoid weak points occurring in the overhead contact line system in respect of disruptive strength, all insulators should possess the same disruptive strength, mechanical stress should be kept.

Creepage distance can affect the insulator flashover, lightning voltage and impulse voltage, and also decide the insulators are whether puncture or non-puncture insulators.


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