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Fiber glass FRP Rod

Fiber glass FRP Rod mainly used for composite polymer insulators made by Pultrusion technology. We also produce FRP rod and composite insulators for electrical systems.

Fiber glass FRP Rod mainly for Silicon Rubber Composite Insulators:-
FRP rods are made with Pultrusion technology, Chemical used are Boron Free Fiber glass ECR
Grade Roving & Best Standard Qualities of Epoxy Resin / Hardener to meet IEC 61109 standard
Our manufacturing ranges are from 16 mm dia to 90 mm dia.
Our rods cleared the tensile load test up to 230KN on 32mm dia and 90 KN for 16mm dia.
Our rods are successfully cleared electrically 11KV test after water diffusion of 96 hrs.

We can also supply FRP treaded bolts and nuts for indefinite length.

The advantage of Fibre glass products are
Corrosion Resistant
Light Weight
Fire Retardant
High Insulating
U.V. Resistant
Antistatic, and etc.

FRP Sheets up to 12 mm thick of different sizes as per customer requirement.
FRP Hollow Bushing up to 300mm dia of length up to 2 meters.
Fiber Glass Cross Arm for 11KV and 33KV distribution lines.
Aluminum grading ring for Transmission Lines and Insulators

Fiber glass also can be made in fiberglass FRP cross arm to provide high strength and high quality replacement the iron or wood cross arms.


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