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High quality porcelain insulators

Orient Power is one of reputed insulator supplier, mainly produces high quality porcelain insulators made by high technology used in electrical systems, such as power lines.

High quality porcelain insulators

Orient insulators has steadily improved and modernized the equipment and process by which our station post products are made. About Orient Power advantages:
Only computerized batching drying and firing are used to ensure uniform, optimum properties of the wet process porcelain – consistency is the key to high quality.
All Portland cement used in station post assemblies is purchased to exacting specifications for strength, volume stability and chemical composition, to ensure that the benefits derived from the use of high-strength alumina porcelain are fully maximized
All Portland cement is steam cured to ensure maximum strength and optimum long term volume stability
Only ferrous end fittings are used in station post assembled to ensure controlled, low thermal expansion and higher mechanical strength

The combination of superior porcelain, modern manufacturing facilities and commitment to quality makes station post products quite simply the best available.

High quality porcelain insulators testing
All insulators are totally committed to quality. Part of that commitment is demonstrated by the careful routine inspection and test programs that are carried out on each and every station post insulator during production and prior to shipping. Among these tests are:
Statistical process control during shaping and forming operations
Visual, dimensional and electrical tests in fired porcelain
Routine mechanical tests on each assembled insulator (either four-way cantilever or uniform bending moment, depending on voltage class)
Gauging of each assembled insulator to ensure proper length and alignment of end fittings

We also subject the entire production to quality conformance testing on a continuous basis. Insulators randomly withdrawn from production are subjected to the complete series of conformance tests as specified in ANSI C29.9. these tests include galvanizing thickness, gauging bolt circles, gauging tapped holes, complete dimensional analysis and cantilever, tension and torsion tests.
Result are complied in a statistical data base for monitoring of product characteristics and for ready review by customers.
Special tests are also performed, either as requested by customers or in order to fully test all characteristics of the products. Among these tests are cantilever deflection and cyclic cantilever loading to ensure integrity of end fittings.

To ensure high quality porcelain insulators, we should do mechanical and electrical properties tests and inspect the insulators in manufacturing process.


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