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Insulator leakage distance

Insulator leakage distance is one main of insulator technical data, big Insulator leakage distance can avoid the lightning frequency flashover voltage.

Insulator leakage distance

With the economic developing, the contamination flashover made into a relatively large, we design insulator leakage distance which is designed in suitable distance.

Anti-pollution insulator is popular used in pollution areas consisting of iron cap, insulator spindle and insulator sheds.

Polymer insulators made of silicone rubber materials, epoxy and EDPM or polymeric and plastic materials is generally used for contamination areas.

Porcelain insulators are usually used for light pollution areas, some can be used for heavy pollution areas, such as anti-pollution disc suspension insulator can be used for heavy pollution areas designed in bell type, hat type, double shed or triple shed.

Anti-fog insulator is normally designed in bigger Insulator leakage distance than common insulator, which is popular by customers.


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