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insulator metal part

Orient Power produced insulator metal parts made from high quality spheroidal graphite cast iron (Ductile Iron) & malleable iron.

insulator metal part              insulator metal part

      B & C cap                                                dead end clamp


 post flange                                                       T & C cap

Insulator metal parts can be divided into  
◆ HT insulator metal parts
◆ LT insulator metal parts

The types of insulator metal parts have
◆ Transformer distribution sub-stations
◆ Power transmission equipment

The features of insulator metal parts
◆ Malleable iron are manufactured meeting IS 14329, BS and ANSI standards
◆ Excellent Tensile strength
◆ High tension insulator metal parts for post cap and pedestal 11kV, 22KV and 33kV
◆ Insulator metal parts caps for disc insulators for 70kn, 90kn, 100kn etc.
◆ Dead end clamps
◆ All types of malleable iron castings

Insulator metal parts designed in different sizes, weight and different types in accordance with customer’s requirement and insulator fittings specifications.


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