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Insulator metal parts

Orient Power specialized in manufacturing and supplying wide range of insulator metal parts for Polymer Insulator. Polymer Insulator with Insulator metal parts are developed using unmatched quality raw materials, to assure high durability -a4d robust design. Developed as per international industry standard, these products are available in various standers sizes and dimensions as per the need and requirement of client.

Insulator metal part

XGT type suspension clamps

The Features of Insulator metal parts
◆ Durability
◆ Dimensional accuracy
◆ Optimum performance

XGT type suspension clamps for polymer insulator is one main kind of Orient insulator metal parts for polymer insulators. XGT type suspension clamps main technical parameters:

Type Suitable conductor(mm)


Rated failure load(kN) Weight(kg)
XGT-1 5.0-7.0 180 56 18 40 3.3
XGT-2 7.0-13.0 200 68 18 40 4.9
XGT-3 13.1-21.0 220 64 27 40 5.6
XGT-4 21.1-26.0 250 62 27 40 6.5
XGT-5 23.0-33.0 300 64 38 60 8.7
XGT-6 34.0-45.0 300 66 46 60 9.8

Except XGT type suspension clamps, we can also produce other type suspension clamp according to international standards and clients’ requirement.


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