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Insulator prices

There are many factors effecting insulator prices, such as insulator materials, insulator types, insulator applications and insulator quality etc.

Insulator prices

According to insulator materials, how about insulator prices
◆ Low voltage insulator made of porcelain materials has lower price than polymer and glass insulator, such as spool insulator
◆ Most of high voltage insulators made of silicone rubber materials has lower price than porcelain and glass insulator
◆ Glass insulator price is normally high in same conditions than porcelain or polymer materials
◆ Plastic insulator has different price in different materials

According to insulator types, Insulator types have many, according to insulator voltage in other same conditions, how about insulator prices
◆ High voltage insulator is higher
◆ Medium voltage insulator is higher than low voltage
◆ Low voltage insulator can be cheap

According to insulator applications, how about insulator prices
◆ Used electrical system, you can inquiry Orient Power
◆ Used electrical equipment, small insulator can be cheap

Insulator quality, insulator technical data can affect insulator prices. You can choose three or more insulator manufacturers to compare and choose suitable insulator trading company or insulator factory.


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