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Insulator strings for 10kv-500kv

Insulator strings for 10kv-500kv play a main role of supporting and insulating conductors or wires, installed on the overhead lines shall be used with insulator hardware fittings.

Insulator strings for 10kv-500kv

Orient Power is a leading insulator manufacturer and designer in China of string fittings and hardware for transmission networks for voltages up to and including 500kV.

Post insulators and suspension insulators are usually used in insulator strings for substations and power lines. About suspension insulator strings are installed suspension or tension, used with suspension clamps and tension clamps.

The insulator hardware fittings for insulator strings
◆ Earth wire string hardware
◆ Hardware for high temperature conductor
◆ Hardware for extra long span application
◆ Armor-grip suspension clamp
◆ Cushion-grip suspension clamp
◆ Pivot suspension clamp
◆ Compression dead-end tension clamp
◆ Preformed armor rods
◆ Compression mid span joint
◆ Rigid spacer
◆ Spacer damper
◆ Stockbridge vibration damper
◆ Other protection hardware

Insulator strings for 10kv-500kv substations or overhead power lines connecting conductors or wires. We usually see them both sides of the road.


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