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Insulator type tests

According to insulator specifications, insulator type tests mainly include sample tests and routine tests to ensure insulator quality and insulator performance.

Insulator type tests

Mechanical and electrical properties for electrical insulator is important, testing includes
• Power frequency wet withstand
• Lightning critical flashover
• Lightning withstand
• Wet switching critical flashover
• Verification of dimensions
• Mechanical failing load cantilever test
• Compression strength
• Torsion test

Sample Tests
Multiple standard creep ratings are shown. Units need to have the following minimum creep requirements for the pollution severity classes defined in IEC 600815-1.
• Verification of dimensions
• Temperature cycle
• Porosity
• Galvanizing
• Cantilever failing strength
• Tensile failing strength

Routine Tests
• Verification of dimensions
• Cantilever proof strength
• Tensile proof strength
• Bending moment

As a leading polymer insulator manufacturer, Orient Power owns some machine to inspect the electrical insulators. We also do Insulator type tests in the national or international laboratory.


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