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Insulators polymers

Insulators polymers belong to electrical insulators, also called composite insulator. Insulators polymers are made from silicone rubber or epoxy resin used on electrical systems.

Insulators polymers

Insulators polymers

Why do insulators polymers appear breakdown phenomena?
The electrical breakdown of insulators polymers due to excessive voltage can occur in one of two ways:
◆A puncture arc is a breakdown and conduction of the material of the insulator, causing an electric arc through the interior of the insulators polymers. The heat resulting from the arc usually damages polymer insulators irreparably. Higher puncture voltage is the voltage across insulators polymers that cause a puncture arc.

◆A flashover arc is a breakdown and conduction of the air around or along the surface of the polymer insulators, causing an arc along the outside of the electrical insulators. Flashover voltage is the voltage that causes a flash-over arc.

Insulators polymers are manufactured, designed and tested in accordance of ANSI, IEC or other standards, which need thinking about the properties of insulators polymers.


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