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Lightning arrester

Lightning arrester are very important, it can extend the life you’re the electrical power system by limiting the voltage across your equipment during a surge event. Lightning arrester is to protect the electrical equipment from lightning strike, insulator flashover and swiching surge.

Lightning arrester

Lightning arrester main material is silicone rubber and fittings, so that ensure a high performance

Lightning arresters’ work, lightning arrester are placed in the substations or transmission or distribution lines, in the normal operation voltages it at a high impedance, it the electrical equipment have a switching or lightning activity lightning arrester rapidly transition to a very low impedance provide a by-pass route for surge current.

Choosing good lightning arresters are very important, you should take following factors into consideration:
Maximum system voltage
System grounding practices
Insulation level of equipment to be protected
Desired margins of protection to be provided
Levels and durations of power frequency over voltages
Lengths of line that will be switched
Mechanical loads that arrester will be subjected to
Available line-to-ground fault current
Environmental conditions


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