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Line post insulator 57-21

Line post insulator 57-21 is one of electrical insulator used outdoor distribution power lines, may be destroyed by bad weather, such as frozen, low temperature or overload etc.

Line post insulator 57-21

In the harsh cold weather, icing dancing, overloading, ice flash easily lead to the following breakdown:
(1) Transmission Line galloping in icing conditions, resulting the line equipment is destoryed;
(2) When ice cover melts, the surface of the insulator string is easy to form a bridge of ice. If the insulator contamination is serious, prone to ice flash;
(3) Pilot ground icing overload will cause the column header compression yielding and break down the tower and other accidents.

Avoid to these problems, we should take main measures, such as
(1) Dancing prevention. During the galloping areas installed dancing prevention equipment, meanwhile installed the spacer between the insulators, Prevent double insulator string breakage due to collision dancing.
(2) Ice flash control. First, take the flower string a manner
(3) Partial strengthening of the tower components, such as ground reinforcement bracket;

Line post insulator 57-21 made from porcelain is usually used in clean and light contamination areas. And it is made from silicone rubber used in heavy contamination areas.


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