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Orient electrical products

Orient electrical products include electrical insulators, electrical fittings, protection equipment, cables, overhead pole line hardware and safety equipment all used in power systems.



The types of Orient electrical products
Electrical insulators: cutout fuses (11kv to 33kv, solid links for all fuse units), line post & pin insulators (Silicone and Cycloaliphatic Line Post Insulators also available, Capped and Capless Insulators available), stay strain insulators, long rod & disc insulators (silicone & porcelain materials)
Electrical fittings: insulator spindle (end fittings for capless or capped line post insulators, pin insulators), compression fittings, automatic line splices, PG clamps & bolted connectors, line taps, earth rods & accessories, stainless steel strap & buckles, bundle conductor fittings, stay rods & base plates, slotted base plates, rock anchor, preformed wire products for stay wire
Overhead pole line hardware: suspension clamp, strain clamp, bracket for steel cross-arm, eyebolt assembly, pigtail bolt assembly, coach crew, socket tongue adaptor, tower hook eye type, clevis clevis, clevis thimble cast iron, D bracket pin type ( bolt type), thread rods & set screws, overhead line steel work, formed wire products
Cable accessories: cable jointing products, cable heatshrink products, LV aerial bundle conductor, LV aerial SNE conductor
Safety equipment: Eskom fall arrest kit, lightning & surge arresters, iron Man work positioning belts, insulating rubber gloves, additional safety equipment, drop out fuse, drop out arrester & Combi unit
Overhead line tools: round line stick, ratchet lever hoists, conductor grips(come-along clamp), portable earthing equipment, steel cable socks (single or double eye)

Orient electrical products mainly including porcelain or polymer insulators, insulator fittings, overhead pole line hardware and dropout fuse, welcome to inquiry them!


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