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Performed line products

Performed line products has been supplying product to all over the world used in the power utilities or electricity network, highlighting the exceptionally high quality standards.

Orient Power manufactures products that cover the functions of termination, suspension, connection and protection along with a wide range of line hardware fittings & accessories.

Features of Performed line products
Insulated type suit both aluminum and copper cables – bi – metallic
Contacts are compatible with conductor type and application
All stainless steel fasteners
Plastic components are UV stabilized glass reinforced polymer
Torque controlled shear off bolts
Connectors are completely air and water tight to prevent corrosion
Multiple membrane sealing end caps don’t rely on the use of grease
Dielectric strength in water over 6kv
Fasteners thread is shielded from cable area, to eliminate cable damage whilst lightening
Permanently engraved with batch codes and tracedability information
Conforms to all applicable requirements of AS/NZS4396

Types of Performed line products
Low voltage fittings: flexible end caps, insulated piercing connectors etc.
High voltage fittings: pole brackets, strain assembly and bundled restraint
Covered conductor fittings: strain clamps and covers, Uncovered strain connections
Hardware: mechanical weak link, eye nut, hook nut, hook bracket
Assembly and straining tools

Insulator hardware fittings are main Performed line products manufactured by Orient Power, such as suspension clamps, strain clamps, link fittings, protection fittings and ground rod, especially insulator end fittings.


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