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Polymer Composite Insulator VS porcelain insulator

Polymer Composite Insulator VS porcelain insulator has some advantages and disadvantages for insulator performance, insulator designed and insulator application.


List some advantages and disadvantages for Polymer Composite Insulator VS porcelain insulator

Polymer composite insulator Porcelain insulator
Excellent Hydrophobicity
Improved pollution and Hydrophobicity properties, Provide excellent insulating behavior without the need of washing or greasing even in humid and/or polluted climates including dense fog, heavy rain with high conductivity, sea spray, dense saline fog and industrial pollutions. Hence low failure rate combined with low overall operating and maintenance costs.
Hydrophilic Properties 
Porcelain surface forms a water film (such as RTV silicone rubber coatings) on the surface due to its high surface tension (called hydrophilic). As such flashovers and outages in humid and/or polluted climates will be very high.
Lower Leakage Current
Improved power frequency insulation. Higher di-electric strength.
High leakage current
Light weight
90% Lighter than Porcelain Insulators, but offer an equal to better strength
Heavy in weight
Inferior in strength
Resistance to breakages
Flexibly used on power lines
Highly fragile
Easy to breakages during transportation, storage and installation
Safety against Vandalism & shatter proof
Superior flexibility and strength, good seismic performance
Susceptible to breakages
Fragile properties, easy to breakages during earthquakes
Excellent Tracking and corrosion Resistance Poor Tracking resistance
Compact Design Bulky in Design
Composite Insulators provide very high level of safety for apparatus in case of inner over pressure of external causes.
Porcelain Insulators are susceptible to explosion in case of inner over pressure or external causes
Short process time and Short delivery periods Long manufacturing process, long deliveries
Lower cost than porcelain insulators High cost
Many ecological advantages Manufacturing process in pollution free
Process of manufacturing causes pollution and health risk, shorter service life than porcelain insulators Porcelain Insulators degrade over period of service and provide reduced insulating properties
Design Flexibility of polymer insulators, creepage distance can specific and change Design flexibility is limited
Polymer Insulators cannot be used as ladder during maintenance Need maintenance by workers


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