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Polymer Distribution Line Post Insulators,Line Post Insulators

Orient Power supplies 10KV~132KV series Polymer Distribution Line Post Insulators. Line Post Insulators used on power transmission and distribution lines is up to 132KV.

Polymer Distribution Line Post Insulators consist of FRP core, silicone rubber shed and end fittings. Fittings at both ends of the composite insulator are biggest difference with other types of insulators.

Polymer Distribution Line Post Insulators-Orient Power            Polymer Distribution Line Post Insulator-Orient Power
Polymer Distribution Line Post Insulators                                Polymer Distribution Line Post Insulator

Polymer distribution line post insulators introduction:
Polymer distribution line post insulators provided by Orient Power including four mounting methods: tie top, vertical, inclined and horizontal. The end seal of Polymer distribution line post insulators adopted the high temperature sulfuration to ensure the reliable sealing performance of the metal fitting. The core rod is a corrosion resistant glass-fiber-reinforced rod. The end fitting connection adopts the zinc cover protection. The sheds of the composite insulator line post were made from silicone rubber.

Polymer Distribution Line Post Insulators Advantages:
1. Good shock resistance collision resist
2. Perfect for highly contaminated environments
3. Easy and economical to transportation & installation
4. More aesthetically pleasing the eye, and smaller profile
5. Reduce the purchasing quantities for spare parts
6. Reliable triple labyrinth sealing ends

This article presents a selection of the Orient polymer Insulators answering the needs of North-American customers in term of standards (ANSI), current practices and environmental conditions. Orient Power can manufacture the Polymer Distribution Line Post Insulators and other Line Post Insulators according to the requirements’ of the customers.


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