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Polymer cutout insulator

Polymer cutout insulator is one main kind polymer insulator to protect the transmission and distribution lines. If the power is too large, the Polymer fuse cutout insulator will automatically cut off the circuit to protect the circuit in safety.

Polymer cutout insulator

The advantages of Polymer cutout insulator
– Greatest creepage distance in the industry
– Perfect for highly contaminated environments
– Ideal for use in stressful weather climates such as extreme cold and coastal environments
– Resistant to UV degradation
– Non-brittle and vandal resistant
– Durability eliminates typical breakage from shipping, storage, and installation
– Available in all cutout types: loadbreak and non-loadbreak

Polymer cutout insulator is made by silicone rubber, also called silicone rubber insulator. With more than 15 years of experience offering silicone rubber cutouts, Orient Power knows silicone is the best material choice for outdoor applications. Now, we know fastest growing polymeric material for medium and high voltage outdoor insulation. 


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