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Polymer insulator properties

As a polymer insulator manufacturer, Orient Power manufactures excellent polymer insulator properties including mechanical strength, electrical strength and so on.

Polymer insulator properties

This essay will list some polymer insulators properties
◆ Low frequency dry flashover voltage
◆ Low frequency wet flashover voltage
◆ Low frequency dry withstand voltage
◆ Low frequency wet withstand voltage
◆ Low frequency dew withstand voltage
◆ Impulse flashover voltage
◆ Impulse withstand voltage
◆ Radio-influence voltage
◆ Cantilever strength
◆ Creepage distance
◆ Length distance
◆ Dry arcing distance

Compared with porcelain insulator, polymer insulator properties have
◆ Excellent anti-pollution performance, suitable for high polluted area
◆ Free of cleaning, economical maintenance and suitable for difficult maintenance area
◆ Light weight, easy and economical to transportation and installation
◆ Not brittle

Polymer insulator properties have many, if you want to learn more about Polymer insulator properties, welcome to visit Orient Power.


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