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Polymer insulator tests

Polymer insulator tests include Testing to Confirm Performance, Representative Test Results and Test of Interface and Connection of the End-fitting.

Polymer insulator tests

power frequency flashover voltage test

Testing to Confirm Performance
In order for the polymer insulators to be used as insulator strings, tests were also conducted to confirm their performance as V-string suspension devices or tension devices. The picture shows a composite tension insulator string.

Representative Test Results
The main tests for confirming the performance of the polymer insulators are:
◆ Composite insulator durability - Test of interface and connection of the end-fitting;
◆ Power arc-withstand characteristics;
◆ Bending characteristics; and
◆ Vibration fatigue characteristics: Longitudinal vibration-fatigue test

Test of Interface and Connection of the End-fitting
The interface adhesion between the housing rubber and the FRP core in the vicinity of the end-fitting is considered one of the most crucial aspects of polymer insulator manufacture, and as a means of verifying its suitability.

Orient Power does Test of Interface and Connection of the End-fitting in accordance with IEC61109 standard.


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