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Polymer insulator

Electrical insulating materials have many types; polymers are finding increasing utilization in high voltage systems and components serving at least two important functions: insulating the conducting components from each other and from the ground, and as load-bearing support. In the early stages of their use as electrical insulation, they were also thought to have very good resistance to degradation due to conditions found in service (moisture, oxygen, temperature variation). However, experience, observation and research in recent years has shown that all polymeric dielectrics are prone to degradation under stresses applied or induced in service which eventually leads to system failure. Most common stresses in service conditions to which an insulator is exposed include electric field, temperature variation, humidity, and other environmental factors.

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polymer cross arm insulator                                                          polymer line post insulator

A typical polymer insulator consists of a glass fiber reinforced (GFR), resin-bonded rod onto which metal end fittings are attached. To protect the core from environmental stresses, it is covered with a polymeric cover, called the housing. Epoxies were used for this purpose first, but after some bad experiences, hydrocarbons and silicones have dominated. Today, common housing materials are EPR and EPDM; different types of SIR; so-called alloy rubbers, which are blends of EPDM and SIR; and ethylene vinyl acetate- based elastomer (EVA).

In recent years, polymeric insulating materials with excellent weather resistance and mechanical performance have been developed, and research, development and trial application polymer insulator made of such materials are being promoted. Since polymer insulator have excellent resistance to pollution and mechanical impact, these features can be used to reduce the size of transmission lines. In overseas countries, polymer insulator is effectively used to reduce the size of transmission lines.



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