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Polymer tie top line post insulators

Orient Power offers a deal in wide range of distribution polymer tie top line post insulators 11kv, 15kv, 22kv, 24kv, 33-36kv, 66-69kv, 132kv and so on, and these composite insulators are used with long studs or short studs.

Polymer tie top line post insulators specifications:
Silicone rubber housing has great hydrophobic property to protect against inside wet, not require the monitor of preventation and clean, reduce daily maintenance.
Good sealing performance, strength anti-electrical erosion, and the tolerance leakage degree reaches TMA 4.5 degree. They have excellent resistance against erosion, low temperature and can be applicable for ambient temperature from -40 degrees to +50degrees.
Good shock resistance and collision resistance to prevent crash, bend and wrest. Polymer insulator can be interchanged with porcelain and glass insulator.

Polymer tie top line post insulator            tie top line post insulator

The galvanization thickness, Traction test up to 350 kN, Flexion test up to 160 kN, Compression test up to 160 kN, Torsion test up to 60 kN, Hibernation test up to - 55° C, Heat test up to + 250° C, Dimensional verifications test and so on.

We can offer you the competitive price for the polymer tie top line post insulators. Gold silver cup as customer's good reputation, so that customers enjoy the benefits and convenient service is our working direction. Orient Power is one of the principal manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of a qualitative range of composite line post insulator.

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