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Polymer vertical line post insulator

Polymer vertical line post insulator is designed for applications up to a system voltage of 10kv~132kv, suitable for overhead distribution and transmission lines.

To improve the performance & life of composite insulators, the electric field on the live end of insulators must not exceed 4.5kV/cm (corona onset for water drops - reference EPRI, USA). Material of composite insulators was modified by increasing silicone content and major improvement was made in the design of corona rings. E-field was reduced to 0.24kV/mm from 0.70kV/mm.

Polymer vertical line post insulator             Polymer vertical line post insulator

Polymer vertical line post insulator consists of FRP core, sheds and end fittings. In order to achieve antifouling properties, the size of two can adjacent insulators sheds are not the same. The core is made of resin-impregnated glass fibers free from defects. The end fittings were made of Hop dip galvanized cast steel for metal fittings. Our fiberglass rods are equipped with HTV silicone rubber weather sheds using a void-free helical extrusion process.

Orient Power chooses some insulators to inspect according to customers' requirements. Our customers can take these polymer insulator products from us at a reasonable and low price. Orient has assembled a team of young, energetic specialists to concentrate on providing the most effective means to meet customers’ needs.

Over 12 years' manufacturing experience on electric fencing allow us to provide you professional service. Railway insulator, polymer vertical line post insulator and other type insulators or fittings, any product that we can supply will satisfy you.


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