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Porcelain station post insulators manufacturers

Orient Power is one of leading Porcelain station post insulators manufacturers in China, mainly produced all types porcelain insulators with high quality and competitive price.

Porcelain station post insulators manufacturers

We mainly produced Porcelain station post insulators including
◆ Indoor post insulators
◆ Outdoor post insulators

We are the one of professional Porcelain station post insulators manufacturers, and can produce post insulators in accordance with India RailCorp documents:
◆ EP 00 00 00 13 SP Electrical Power Equipment - Design Ranges of Ambient Conditions
◆ EP 08 00 00 13 SP Overhead Wiring Fittings and Materials
◆ EP 08 00 00 21 SP Insulator Type Tests - DC Power Arc Withstand

The porcelain station post insulators coating shall be applied to all ceramic and metal surfaces that are in contact with cement to relieve mechanical stress due to thermal variation and to prevent chemical reaction by the cement on metallic parts.

Except Porcelain station post insulators, all porcelain insulators shall be coated RTV silicone rubber coatings to increase the hydrophobic performance.


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