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Post insulator specification

In the Post insulator specification, it would talk about insulator service conditions, technical parameters, standards, tests and packaging etc.

Post insulator specification

About Post insulator specification, the requirements of post insulators
This specification covers the design, manufacture, testing and supply of 10kv to 500kv post insulators used for substations and stations.

The service conditions for Post insulator
◆ Maximum ambient temperature (Degree C) … 50
◆ Minimum ambient temperature (Degree C) … 3.5
◆ Relative Humidity (%) … 10 to 100
◆ Maximum Annual Rainfall (mm) … 1450
◆ Maximum Wind pressure (kg/m.sq.) … 150
◆ Maximum wind velocity (km/hour) … 45
◆ Maximum altitude above mean sea level (meter) … 1000
◆ Isoceraunic level (days/year) … 50
◆ Seismic level (Horizontal acceleration) … 0.3 g
◆ Moderately hot and humid tropical climate - Conductive to rust and fungus growth

The insulator standards of Post insulators
We should list the standards number, station post insulators are manufacturer and designed in the light of ANSI C29.9 and C29.1, IEC60273 and IEC 60383 and so on.

Each station post insulator should be packed in suitable for box, ensure the insulators are easy to handling as per post insulator specification.


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