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Power frequency dry flashover insulator test


 Power frequency dry flashover insulator test is one of main insulator test for ensuring insulator quality and tested in accordance with IEC 61109.

Power frequency dry flashover insulator test

According to insulator specification, how to do Power frequency dry flashover insulator test?
On the three specimens the dry power frequency flashover voltage shall be determined by averaging five flashover voltages on each specimen. The average flashover voltage shall be corrected to normal standard atmospheric conditions as mentioned in IEC 60-1. The flashover voltage shall be obtained by increasing the voltage linearly from zero within 1 min.

The results of Power frequency dry flashover insulator test
◆ Power frequency dry flashover insulator test will be determined once again for each specimen
◆ For each sample, each sample must be submitted separately for 30 minutes at 80% of average flashover voltage.
◆ No puncture must occur, and the temperature rise in the body immediately after the test sample measured must not exceed 20 K

Except power frequency dry flashover insulator test, we should do other insulator tests to ensure insulator performance and properties.


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