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Problems and solutions in power system

In power system, a lot of questions about the insulator will come out, how do we solve these problems?

power system

When insulators are grouped together, such as in a substation, pressure washing or hand cleaning can be very difficult to accomplish.

Made of composite materials, composite insulator has long creepage distance between the sheds, it has the fouling resistance, not need to clean, greatly reduces the cost of maintaining and cleaning

In the case of flashover,, the intense localized energy causes an abrupt temperature elevation. If the arc is severe deformation, a ceramic or glass insulator will be destroyed.

Composite insulator has good mechanical properties and electrical properties, composite insulator improves the flashover voltage,to avoid the happening of this kind of situation .

Ceramic insulator in the process of running need zero value check, a bit difficult.

Composite insulator don`t need zero value check, reducing the work difficulty.

Power system is very important, we need to focus on. Along with the increase in question, polymer insulators aregradually replacing ceramic insulator.

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