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Rubber materials

Rubber materials mainly include HNBR, VMQ, EPDM, FPM, FVMQ, NBR and ACM. This article mainly introduces the HNBR and VMQ property and application.

Rubber materials

HNBR is short of Hydrogenated nitrile rubber, is one of polymer material. The properties of Hydrogenated nitrile rubber
1. Excellent oil and high temperature resistance
2. Excellent aging and ozone resistance
3. Applicable temperature: ﹣40℃~130℃
4. Used with ZnO / MAA to produce high quality Triangle product

The Application of HNBR:
1. Temperature: ﹣40℃~130℃
2. Strong UV areas
3. Areas exposed to the air

Applicable equipment:
Suitable for T&D equipment, such as oil immersed transformer, instrument transformer, capacitor, and assemblies

Applicable medium:
Transformer oil

VMQ is short of Methyl vinyl silicone rubber which is one silicone rubber material used widely in Chemical field. The Property of VMQ
1. Excellent electric insulation
2. Good high temperature and aging resistance
3. Good flexibility and little compression set
4. Application temperature: ﹣60℃~200℃

1. Application temperature: ﹣60℃~200℃
2. High-grade squalid district
3. Strong UV areas
4. Applicable to the areas exposed to the air

Applicable equipment:
Suitable for T&D equipment, such as dry transformer, dry instrument transformer

Applicable medium:
Air, PXE oil


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