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Silicone & composite insulators

The IEC, an international standards organization, has tested this kind of silicone & composite insulators for electrical and mechanical performance and has confirmed their reliability, but the use of organic material as the insulating material has aroused reservations about long-term adding. Silicone & composite insulators is one main of electrical insulators.

Silicone & composite insulators

Why silicone rubber for composite insulator is the better choice?
Longer service life in adverse environment
◆ Virtually unaffected by weather -- rain, snow, humidity, ozone, or the sun's damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays -- for many years
◆ Organic elastomers may become brittle and crack under prolonged exposure to the environment.
◆ Especially as a main of outdoor insulators, composite suspension insulator need the long service life in adverse environment

Wider operating temperature range
◆ Organic elastomers soften and deform irreversibly at temperatures >100ºC (>212ºF); they become brittle at temperatures <-25ºC (<-13ºF)

For above the silicone rubber performances, silicone & composite insulators gradually replace the porcelain or glass insulators position. So far more and more countries use silicone rubber insulators.


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