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Silicone composite insulators

The research showed that insulators made of silicone rubber was superior compared to other materials. More and more silicone composite insulators are used in the future.

silicone composite insulator

silicone composite insulator

One of the great advantages with silicone composite insulator is its great hydrophobic properties. This means that the water will form water drops instead of a water film. This ability is kept even in very polluted environments which makes silicone rubber insulator superior in desert areas.

The advantages of silicone composite insulators:
◆ Increased safety for personnel and equipment
◆ Superior pollution performance due to hydrophobic surface condition
◆ Excellent seismic performance
◆ Superior insulation performance
◆ Flashover resistant
◆ Excellent performance and reliability can be assured for the lifetime of the equipment
◆ Less maintenance
◆ Low weight

By using silicone rubber insulators no longer have to wash the insulators, which reduces the time needed for maintenance. Silicone composite insulators are used on power lines and electrical systems.



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