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Silicone rubber composite insulator

Silicone rubber composite insulator is an electrical insulator made of silicone rubber material. Silicone rubber composite insulator includes all type insulators which can take place of those porcelain insulators.

Silicone rubber composite crossarm insulator            Silicone rubber composite suspension insulator

Silicone rubber composite insulator types:
Silicone rubber composite suspension insulator, deadend insulator, pin insulator, composite line post insulator, station post insulator, crossarm insulator, railway insulator, cutout insulator, long rod insulator and so on.

Silicone rubber composite insulator specifications:
High mechanical strength in relation to weight
High breaking points with limited overall dimensions
High impact resistance (even against gunshots)
Reduced weight (from 10 to 300 times in relation to the traditional insulators)
Lower transport costs
Lower packing and storage costs
Lower installation costs
Lighter support mechanical structures
Wider leakage distance with the same spark gap
Higher discharge voltage in highly polluted environments
Higher resistance to the power arc
Higher ultra-violet (UV) radiation resistance

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