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Solid core post insulators design

Solid core post insulators are normally designed in cylinder form used in substations or transmission and distribution systems to support and insulate conductors.

Solid core post insulators design

Post insulators are designed to comply with the demands of the level of electrical insulation and mechanical strength, while also taking into account the environmental situation where the insulators are intended for service. To specify the correct standard outdoor porcelain solid core post insulator, the following characteristics have to be defined:
> Lightning impulse withstand voltage, dry
> Switching impulse withstand voltage, wet (when a switching impulse level is required)
> Power frequency withstand voltage, wet
> Mechanical failing load
> Minimum nominal creepage distance
> Fixing arrangement of top and bottom metal fitting
> Color of glaze

Orient power manufactures outdoor porcelain solid core post insulators with external metal fittings and outdoor operating rods with external metal fittings (for High Voltage Switchgears) according to standard IEC60273. Components according to other standards or special customer requirements can be supplied upon request

IEC post insulator type C10-1050-II definition:
C means outdoor post insulator with external metal fittings
10 means a minimum bending failing load of 10 kN
1050 means a lightning impulse withstand voltage, dry of 1050 kV
II means creepage distance class II (in reference to IEC60273)

IEC operating rod type T3-1050-II definition:
T means outdoor operating rod with external metal fittings
3 means a minimum failing load torsion 3 kNm
1050 means a lightning impulse withstand voltage, dry of 1050 kV
II means creepage distance class II (in reference to IEC60273)

The RIV performance of single post insulator styles will be tested in accordance with the standard IEC60437 upon request. If corona rings are necessary to reach a certain RIV level for a single insulator column, the appropriate ones will be offered with the insulator column.

Mechanical design
In-service stresses on post insulators are mainly due to bending loads (e.g., weight, wind force, seismic conditions, short circuit loads). A few applications require compression strength (e.g., capacitors banks) or torsion strength (e.g., rotating disconnectors) or tensile strength (e.g., underhung post insulator).
The high strength C 130 porcelain body allows for a reduction in the number of components on insulators comprised of multiple units. The advantages provided by the reduction of additional fittings include increased arcing distance/creep and less assembly time. All insulators up to and including the C 20-1050 are available in a one-unit design.

Solid core post insulators design normally consists of insulator units and end fittings to provide four type strengths.


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