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Specification for 11kv & 33kv post insulator

11kv & 33kv post insulator also called post type insulators shall be suitable for outdoor use and cap & base type, and which is divided into porcelain station post insulators and composite insulator post.

11kv & 33kv post insulator    11kv & 33kv post insulator

Cap & base type, which shall have plain machined faces & zigs shall be used for drilling bolt holes on the cap & in the base for easy & perfect assembly.

How to install fittings coupling post insulators?
◆ Requisite numbers of set Screws & Spring Washers for assembling the Post Insulator unit.
◆ Requisite numbers of set screws & spring washers for fixing bus-bar Support to the cap in the top Post Insulator.
◆ One set of Bolts, Nuts & Washers or Lock nuts & plain washers for mounting the Insulators on the support steel structures of bus support.

11kv & 33kv post insulator is manufactured of porcelain, shall be sound, free from defects, thoroughly verified, smoothly glazed and types of post insulator shall be stack type.

Porcelain station post insulators are commonly glazed and coated with RTV silicone rubber coatings providing good pollution and hydrophobicity resistance.

Polymer post insulators are made from silicone rubber, substations insulators are normally made by molding with good insulation resistance, electrical and mechanical performance.

Post Insulator shall be suitable for upright mounting on steel structures. 11kv & 33kv post insulator can use in insulator string for high voltage systems.


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