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Spool insulator fittings,pole line hardware

Spool insulator can directly install on the electrical poles, shall use with some pole line hardware and spool insulator fittings, such as clevis. Different types clevis used with different coupling way.

Spool insulator fittings, pole line hardware

Clevises, wireholder: the The J075 Clevis Wireholder is used with either the J101 or J151 spool insulator for attaching services where triplextype cable is used.

Clevises, insulated crossarm: Clevis mounting holes are for 5/8-inch bolts. Mounting holes are slotted to permit installation without removing insulators. J0342 clevis used with J97, J101 or J151 spool insulators. For use with insulator J100A or J150A connecting J0313 clevis- pole line hardware.

Clevis, insulated secondary & deadend: clevis is used as well as clevises, insulated crossarm. The J1300 is designed to develop high strength on deadends or line pulls. It has a mounting slot for one 5/8-inch machine bolt and two staggered side holes for 1/2-inch lag screws.
J1300 insulated secondary & deadend is for used with J101, J151 or J0101
J251 insulated secondary & deadend is for used with J101, J151 or J97

Clevis, insulated swinging: The J0322 and J1614 are used with 5/8-inch or larger eyebolts or eyenuts giving a flexible mounting for equalizing strains at corners. The J1626 can be bolted to crossarms to provide an insulated deadend assembly.
J0322 Clevis, insulated swinging is for use with J101, J151 or J0101
J1614 Clevis, insulated swinging is for use with J100B or J150B
J1626 Clevis, insulated swinging is for use with J100B, J150B

Spool insulator fittings are one of pole line hardware, it is clevises or D-bracket installed on the pole lines or electrical poles. These LV insulators are generally used on family lines.


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