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Suspension insulator string coursework

Suspension insulator string coursework mainly talks about how to calculate the suspension insulator string voltage, insulator types and important characteristics etc.

Insulator materials: it is essential for an electrical power system to have a reliably designed insulation mechanism. The line performance is highly dependent on insulation integrity. Insulator materials have good insulation and mechanical property.

Suspension insulator string coursework

According to Insulator Suspension insulator string coursework, we can learn insulator types
1. Pin type insulators
Insulators that support conducting lines in compression are classified as pin type and post type.
The pin type insulator is designed to be mounted on a pin which in turn is installed on the cross-arm of the pole. The insulator is screwed on the pin and the electrical conductor is mounted on the insulator.
Made of porcelain or polymer, the pin insulator can weigh anywhere from 1/2 pound to 90 pounds. This type of insulator is applicable for rural and urban distribution circuits, and it is usually constructed as one solid piece of porcelain or polymer.
Pin type insulators are designed in big creepage distance, used for high-voltage transmission lines. These differ in construction in that they consist of two or three pieces of porcelain cemented together.

Suspension insulator string coursework

2. Post type insulators
Post type insulators are some what similar to pin type insulators. They are generally used for higher voltage applications with the height and number of petticoats being greater for the higher voltages. They may be mounted horizontally as well as vertically, although their strength is diminished when mounted horizontally.
The insulator is made of one piece of porcelain and its mounting bolt or bracket is an integral part of the insulator. Line post type insulator and pin post type insulator are used for overhead lines.
Station post type insulators are usually used in substations for supporting and insulating.

Suspension insulator string coursework

3. Suspension insulators
The pin type and post type insulators are designed for used in distribution lines. These types of insulators do not provide adequate insulation for extremely high voltages of the transmission lines.
Suspension insulators can be divided into ball & socket-type suspension insulators and clevis-tongue type insulators.
The suspension insulator hangs from the cross-arm, as opposed to the pin insulator which sits on top of it. The line conductor is attached to its lower end. Because there is no pin problem, any distance can be put between the suspension insulator and the conductor by adding more insulators to the “string”.

Suspension insulator string coursework is not only suspension insulators, may be pin insulators, strain insulators or other insulators.


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