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Suspension insulator string

Suspension insulator string is divided into porcelain insulators and polymer insulators used for transmission lines or substations, also called cap and pin type insulators or long rod insulators.


Porcelain suspension insulator string
The insulator discs shall be cap and Ball Pin type with Ball & Socket or Clevis & Tongue coupling suitable for use in suspension or tension strings for overhead lines.

The porcelain shall be brown colour, non porous having high dielectric mechanical and thermal strength, free from internal stresses, blisters, laminations, voids, foreign matters, imperfections or other defects, which might in any way render it unsuitable as insulator shells.

The porcelain suspension string is made from porcelain which shall be smoothly glazed to remain unaffected by climatic condition, ozone, acids, alkalis, zinc or dust.

The features of glaze porcelain insulators
◆ The glaze shall have bright luster, smooth surface, a good performance under extreme weather condition of tropical climate and dust resistant
◆ The glaze shall not crack or chip due to aging under normal service condition or while handling during transit or erection.

Polymer suspension insulator string
Polymer insulators are also designed in long section length for high voltage, which is made from silicone rubber materials, with good performance.

Polymers are hot cure vulcanization used in any level contamination areas with high mechanical and electrical property.

Suspension insulator string also divided into single insulator string and double insulator strings used for transmission and distribution power lines.


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