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Suspension insulators transmission line

Suspension insulators transmission line is for high voltage, extra high voltage and ultra high voltage used in suspension insulator string or strain type strings.

Suspension insulators transmission line

Suspension type insulators are used to transmit above 33kv. Because above 33kv using of pin type is uneconomical. In suspension insulator numbers of insulators are connected in series to form a string and the conductor is suspended at the bottom end of this string while the other end of the string is secured to cross-arm of the tower. Each insulator of a suspension string is called disc which made from porcelain. Polymer suspension insulator is also known as long-rod insulators.

Advantages of suspension insulator transmission line
◆ Suspension type insulators are very economical voltages beyond 33kv
◆ If any one disc is damaged, the whole string does not become useless because the damage disc can be replaced by the sound one
◆ The suspension arrangement provides greater flexibility to the line. The connection at the cross arm is such that insulator string is free to swing in any direction and can take up the position where mechanical stresses are minimum
◆ The suspension insulators are generally used with steel towers. As the conductors run below the earthed cross-arm of the tower, therefore, this arrangement provides partial protection from lightning
◆ Each unit of porcelain suspension insulator is designed for low voltage, usually 11kv

Suspension insulator used as tension insulator, strain type insulators are simply horizontally suspended suspension insulators. when there is a dead end or there is a sharp corner in transmission line, the line has to sustain a great tensile load of conductor or strain.

The discs of strain insulators are used in the vertical plane. When the tension in lines is exceedingly high, at longer river spans, two or more strings are used in parallel.

Suspension insulators transmission line are also made from silicone rubber replacing traditional electrical insulators or disc insulators for high voltage or contamination conditions.


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