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Tender Risk Assessment

Tender Risk Assessment includes Compliance Requirements, Formal Risk Assessment and Hazards Identification. These factors would be introduced in this article.

Compliance Requirements
The Tenderer warrants (without limiting any other warranties or conditions implied by law) that all Goods have been produced, sold and delivered to the Principal in compliance with all applicable laws (including all workplace health and safety and electrical safety legislation, codes of conduct and the Principal’s Workplace Health & Safety and Electrical Safety Conditions).

Formal Risk Assessment
Tendered items shall be subjected to a formal risk assessment prior to acceptance. It is preferred that the tenderers perform the risk assessment themselves and provide the resultant documentation with their tender. Where risk assessment documentation is not provided with the tenders, or does not meet the required standard, such tenders shall have their price loaded with the estimated costs associated with the Purchaser conducting the assessments. Any documented risk assessment which accompanies the tender must meet the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management as a minimum standard. It is preferred that the risk assessment methodology uses an energy model to identify hazards.

Hazards Identification
The risk assessment/s must identify hazards to the corporation personnel, public and property associated with:
The installation of the equipment
The operation and maintenance of the equipment during life expectancy
Dismantling/disposal of equipment at end of life.

The 'Risk Assessment' schedule included with this specification is to be completed by the Tenderer. Note the schedule contains a generic set of questions designed to cover all the purchaser's plant and materials and the tenderer is only required to complete those items applicable to the product offered.


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