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The application of composite insulators in the power system

Power system consists of transmission lines, distribution lines, substations and other parts. Electricity is an essential part of our lives, the power system is extremely important, serious pollution in all regions, with respect to the ceramic insulators, composite insulators is more suitable for use.

 composite insulators                  composite insulators

The electricity transmission line from the power plant and then through a series of step-down delivery to the user. Form of the structure, transmission lines into overhead line and cable lines, insulator is an important part of overhead line.

The main use of composite insulator in transmission lines:
Composite suspension insulators
Composite pin insulators

The main use of composite insulator in distribution lines:
Composite pin insulators
Composite line posts
Composite LV insulators

The main use of composite insulators in substation:
Composite post insulators

Composite insulators are gradually replacing porcelain insulators, our environment let us choose composite insulator wisely. The composite insulator is more suitable for us, if you need, please contact us.


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