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Transmission composite line post insulator

Transmission composite line post insulator can operate under very harsh environments, such as Industrial pollution, marshy land, hilly and unfriendly terrain, extreme weather, coastal region etc.

Composite line post insulator comprises 132kV transmission lines and operates in a harsh environment; desert, marine & industrial pollution, high ambient temperatures & high humidity. They are manufactured according to IEC61109, 62217 and ANSI29.17. The insulators are widely used in transmission and distribution lines.

Transmission composite line post insulator             composite line post insulator

Transmission composite line post insulator consists of FRP core, silicone rubber shed and end fittings. Fittings at both ends of the composite insulator are biggest difference with other types of insulators. The polymeric insulator is made with the most advanced materials, resulting from extensive research testing and field experience gained over more than 36 years of expertise in overhead line insulator products.

Our fiberglass rods are equipped with HTV silicone rubber weather sheds using a void-free helical extrusion process. Silicone rubber is the fastest-growing, most dominant polymeric insulation material for high voltage composite insulators. Moreover the system allows eliminating water penetration which happens in the usual execution of compression end fittings.

Over the years, Orient has developed numerous new transmission composite line post insulator for specific needs of its customers and possesses the capability of developing new products from scratch to fulfill the customer’s requirements.


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