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Transmission line post insulators

Transmission line post insulators are one of electrical insulators used on the transmission overhead power lines divided into porcelain insulators and silicone rubber insulators.

Transmission line post insulators

According to insulator usage, Transmission line post insulators have
◆ Plate and pin type insulators for high voltage lines
◆ Suspension insulators for any voltage lines
◆ Outdoor post insulators
◆ Aluminum conductor wall bushing
◆ High voltage pin insulator
◆ Strain insulator

The advantages of Polymeric composite insulators
◆ Lightweight, easy to install and transport
◆ High mechanical strength
◆ Not broken
◆ Self-cleaning, high anti-pollution resistance etc.

The advantages of ceramic porcelain insulators
◆ High mechanical and electrical property
◆ Long service life
◆ Natural material
◆ Not pollute the environments etc.

Transmission line post insulators play the role of supporting and insulating conductors made from porcelain or silicone rubber used on overhead power lines.


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