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Transmission line posts,line post base section

Transmission line posts are usually used high voltages, and directly installed on the electrical poles, installed on the crossarms with insulator spindle and line post base section.

line post base section

The type of line post base section
Bendable base - Formed steel base that mates with an anchor end fitting of the insulator via 2 mounting bolts. Bendable bases come in gain and flat designs, with 0° & 12° upsweep angles, as required. (0˚ upsweep design is intended for braced post application only.)

Gain Base - Base design used to mate the insulator to a round pole surface. This base is attached to the pole through the center bolt mount holes.

Flat Base - Base design used to mate the insulator to a flat surface, using either the 4 bolt holes along the ears of the base, or the 2 center mount bolt holes.

Fixed Base - Cast iron base that mates wtih a 5” bolt circle end fitting of the insulator (4 bolts). Where the bendable designs allow for some articulation of the insulator, the fixed base does not. The fixed design comes in gain and flat designs, with a standard 12° upsweep angle.

Transmission line posts

Horizontal trunnion (clamp top), vertical turrnnion and drop tongue (slotted blade) is the top fittings used with preformed wires or installed with other fittings.

Transmission line posts have some fittings, bolt circle, no base, drop tongue, and extended drop tongue and double trunnion. Line post base section can exchange according to insulator drawings.


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